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Lord of the ring

Vytautaz did standard Entwood dailies, sometimes with much success. Experience flows, I am getting lots of task items which may be usefull later.

Wildermore questing continues. I started doing Wildermore survivors dailies. Most of them are pretty soloable, some are fellowship only. One kinnie was very kind to aid with mighty warband. Kinnie employs startegy different than mine. I tend to kill warband boss and later I may die – quest done. Kinnie knocks out warband leader guards. This time I got killed, but kinnie rode in circles and finished warband. Quest was done. Speaking on slayer deeds: all I need is patience. Finished almost all slayer deeds – wood trolls only remaining. Yes, it is going to be hard, taking lots of time and slayer deed accelerators.Of course, I would finish it, no matter the costs.

Naktieskarys managed to craft one dagger for a lvl.30 player and participate in Sambrog run with him. Quite good run, player was impressed (“12000 hp? wow!”). Oh my dear Burglar, you would outperform me at lvl.105…

Kinship was busy with instances, skirmish raids and others. It would take too much space to write it all.

Forsaken world

A new Chinese mmo. Intro text is in Chinese, you get voiceover.

Customization: half-existent. From visuals, I was able to choose hair style and colour. Figure and clothes were not choosable.

Races: many of them, from some undead and kindred (?) to Humans. Some classes are race-locked. My pick – Human female mage. Ranged (theoretically) dps and maybe heals.

Visuals: bright bright, shiny shiny world. If bright and shiny, a bit cartoonish is not yours, do not pick.

Controls: game does not shine there. Once again, moving and running somewhere are not the same.  Ui is user friendly, you are getting some skills, every 15 minutes you can meditate, i.e. receive some present. There is auto-guide: if you don’t know where quest objective is and that huge “?” is not shown – gane may autoguide you.

Moving is not easy, fighting is. Mana replenishes slowly, looks like you have to make/loot lots of its potions.

I was able to level up my toon, but the game did not catch my attention.Everything so over-shiny, almost no lore, controls bit clumpsy. Except of very minimal dress for my female – nothing too good. Just an Asiand shiny grinder, maybe pay to win or at least with intrusive cash shop. Worth playing for a while, and then removing.

Everquest II

My evil toon resumed her adventures. Controls are very good (unlike evil, non-intuitive Tera/Forsaken world!). I started to actually look at text of some quests. Mine ore, just in case I should need one (and if don’t, may always trash). Killing things.

My toon is still noobish and ineffective. I always use one stun (skull-icon) skill, them immolate (burning man), then some lightining and if that won’t help – almost every spell that is not on cooldown. Many times I was on a verge of defeat and since I have no self heals, situation may seem problematic.

Also,. did “daily quest”. That’s a long list, I managed tio finish 2 positions: kill 8 different types of creatures and kill NN number of enemies. Reward – some Loyalty tokens, only God knows what to do with them.

EQ2 seems a bit better. If only it had better graphic and customization…Lore is still hard to understand. ALl I understood someone was making cure against undead and one evil Fairy wanted to kill all other fairies out of vengeance.

And so the weekend has ended. I still cant’ find alternative to Lotro, should it end one day, but I do feel good there.