Lord of the rings online

Festival has ended, leaving me with 5 tokens and some fish. Well, would be nice addition at next festival:less grinding.

Vytautaz did Entwood dailies, then managed to get lvl.65 LI to level 70 and deconstruct it. Now, I have 2 LIs to grind to lvl.60 – and equip new set of LIs.

Kinship is active with daily instances, almost all the time. Pelagir is no more, not speaking about lesser instances. I would start a circle of grind: do Entwood, then recall to Wildermore and do slayer deeds there. I do need all the slayer deeds done before I move to Westfold and eventually to Gondor.

Quest packs are on sale, but they do not interest me. Gondors are worth exactly the amount of reputation wityh local faction(s), not a single TP more.



My disk-throwing Sorcerer advanced to lvl.3. Controls are extremely hard to get accustomed with. I have to move, look and attack at the same time while thinking about which attack to use. It’s just not possible, too much to have in mind at each second.

Enemies:initially they were too easy. Later they became a bit hard, keeping in mind squishy sorcerer and only 2 or 3 attacks. Interaction with “F” and target becoming glue-grind-pattern can be dealth with. Hard controls – can’t.

Loot was good with one box that required key (I guess, obtainable only in cash shop). No, thanks, do not need RNG. RNG always hates me.

Was unable to use chat:sorry, from lvl.9 only. Where should noob ask for help – no idea. Chat was, however, full of game events information. Yet nobody to ask help for.

I got to the point where I should confront some big ass monster (destroyer?) with 10 lives. Took one life, then second and at final fight, he just knocked me, some bad guy appeared, told to leave me since I had no Sight.

After I logged off I felt my head was dizzy. Like most of ther world turning around me. Probably due to Terra.

It is really sorry Terra can’t be my home. I have no problems with lack of social action (like in EQ2) or with minimal customization (Istaria, EQ2). But I do have problems with controls where you should make extremely quick decision concerning lots of things…within, say, 5 seconds.

Terra would be uninstalled, sorry for that. Game is good, colourfull, somehow immersing….yet my own health is above everything.


And so the day has ended. Grinding resumes in Lotro and I have no alternative for Lotro (again).