Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active once again. Entwood dailies which took some time (I always kill all monsters), then – last Summer festival quests. Had some 35 tokens, purchased Anfalas starlit crystal, so now I have 5 tokens and some fish left. Would be handy for next festival. Now, my Vytautaz has 12 Anfalas starlits: a good start for my lvl.100 LI.


Returned there to see how things look like. Huge download size, several hours to wait. Then – intro video and finally, toon creation. Chose Human, class – Sorcerer.

Customization: almost non-existent. You can choose some of pre-defined models, but can’t change my skin colour. Could notc hange my body type – so all Human women would look the same. “Cool”. But hey, you can change voice…

Class: Sorcerer is a “mobile artillery of Tera”. Did not play much, so can’t tell anything reliable.

Controls: this is where Tera does not shine. Mouse is for attacks, you go where you look, so forget moving with arrows/asdf only. Interaction is with “F” only, in-game menus may ba accesed with “Escape” only. No direct pressing like, say, in Lotro. Very user-unfriendly.

Looks: well, shiny and a bit cartoonish. Everything is bright, you have some panda, robot and evem little anime-girl classes. This does not hurt me though.

Playing: somehow could not do the very first quest. I needed to speak to something and then collect something. Rabbits with symbols over their heads that I could not interact with nor loot anything from them. I got a bit stuck, would have to use local wiki.

If only Tera had EQ2-Lotro style controls, it could be nice and playable. Now, it’s a game to try and see what happens. If I master local (hard) controls, I could even enjoy my Sorcerer.