Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active. Entwood quests, levelling LIs to lvl.30, reforging and resuming Entwood quests. Then – festival. Fishing was half good: 1 starry flounder (2 tokens) and only a few of barterable fish. Result – ended up with 21 fish. Not too much, today would have to grind for the last tokens and last Anfalas starlit crystal. 12 crystals – a good amount. 6 for pre-imbued LIs (sword and rune), then 6 for post-imbued LIs (sword and rune).


Folks on forum adviced me this game. Tried to install, but “CRC corrupted”, some media font won’t load. Ok, started downloading 31 Gb size installer.

I know I will be chosing Sorcerer. Mobile artillery of Tera, burst DPS (much much like Minstrel). Bikini armour. Alas, almost no selfheals, so I would have to be carefull not to run into problems. Other Terra classes are not for me: melee dps or healers. Sorry, I want to be as close to Minstrel as possible. Nuke them from distance before they reach you.

And so the day has ended. Things are going good – pity festival lasts for so short time…