Lord of the rings online

Had very limited time to play. Vytautaz did Entwood dailies, then Festival quests and finally – turned in some task items. Had not ime for slayer deeds in Wildermore.

Festival turned out to be problematic:I have bartered all the fish, so was left with nothing. Yet, got one Flounder and few simple ones, enough for some 4-5 tokens. Therefore – ended up with 36 tokens, bartered Anfalas starlit crystal, which left me with 6 tokens. If I am succesfull, i would end with 12 Anfalas starlits.

Unfortunately, I have too little time to grind festival deeds with Stormsong. She could really enjoy some Anfalas as well as much needed Scrolls of empowerement. After all, she needs as much firepower as possible.

Everquest 2

Did not play. Yet thinking about it as of good single-player game with too harsh restrictions for f2p.


And so the day has ended, it was good in Lotro. A pity, festival ends too soon.