Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active. Entwood dailies, task items in Aldburg, then festival deeds. I have 10 Anfalas starlit crystals now and still some to go. Counting is simple: 3 for pre-imbued sword, 3 for pre-imbued Rune; then maybe 2 for post-imbued sword and 2 for post-imbued rune. Not too much, but it still saves some Stars of merit.

Crabain slayer in Rohan is done. I have started doing slayer deed in Wildermore. Finished Uruk slayer, am on my way to finishing Mounted enemies slayer. Snow-cats, wolves/wargs, wood-trolls are still to be done, both simple and advanced. I also do warbands, but got defeated once and had to run away once.

Everquest II

Re-trying this game. First of all, EQ2 is a nice though aged, single-player game for free players. You can’t chat, you can’t do great many things because you do not pay. Wanna chat? Pay. Wanna auction house? Pay. No, thanks.

Character creation: very little place for fantasy. Basically body height, then face. No wardrobe so that you could ride in some fancy robes.

Good guys campaign: boring, uninteresting.

Bad guys campaign: more involving, more interesting.

Classes: picked Mage. First pick was some AoE class. Was a complete loss, disliked, deleted. Then chose some single-target Mage. It was way better. I had one lighting attack, one weak simple attack, then some micro-stun and later – immolation. Also, ton of useless spells, like  fellowship protection, increasing critical damage by 3% or spell cooldown -0,3%.

Quests: great many of them. These may be your standard “go and kill”, but sill nice. And I really mean – many of them. All reward with xp and some items, be it  housing or equipment. I got to lvl.10 without any help, without killing mobs “just to level”. I also got some nice equipment, though still can’t figure out something about it.

Economy: reminds Istaria. Money is rare to come by, merchants do not offer much coin for stuff and without auction you may get stuck in being poor. Crafting items cannot be sold as well as some equipment.

Controls: non-intuitive. If you got too many new spells and want drag then – arm yourself with patience. Drag and drop? Forget. Right mouse on toolbar, choose “unlock toolbar”, later right-click “enable drag slots” and only then could you do anything. I deleted half of given slots.

Some things in EQ2 are really confusing: some items that should be delivered to unspecified vendor for status (and I can’t find that vendor). They have “alternate advancement” and I am not sure what should I choose. They also have collections, some – lvl.10, but once again, things are too rare to loot (or I am unable to loot them efficiently).

As I expected, there is nobody to ask (pretty natural in single player game; pretty unnatural in mmorpg).

Atmosphere, at least for “bad guys” was nice. Not too involving, yet still had some spirit in it. I wanted to do this quest and that quest and say “f… you” to some lame npc.

In short: EQ2 is a nice, though graphically really outdated game with some nice atmosphere and huge amount of quests. “Dark” side is much easier to get into than “Light” one. Quest system is huge and nice rewarding, levelling is good. Customizations are almost non-existent. F2P restrictions – hard. Not the game you would want to pay, say, 1,5$ monthly.

And so weekend has ended. It was good in Lotro and interesting in EQ2.