Lord of the rings online

We have confirmed new content in 2017 (so, Lotro may actually see 2018?). Also, some cooperation with infamous “Lotrocommunity”. One of the most poisonous and Lotro-hating community in our planet. Can’t see any reason for dialogue, but maybe bad dialogue is better that good war.

Vytautaz did what he had to: Summer festival started with 25 token, ended up with 37. After bartering Anfalas starlit crystal, I had 9 crystals and 7 Summer festival tokens. Even fishing went good (caught one rare fish, that is). We still have about 1 week – which means additional 2 crystals for my Vytautaz.

Entwood quests were nice too, legendary items reached lvl.40. I still need to level up other LIs…and then would finally be able to start Westfold.

Kinship was busy, once again – daily instances, one after another.

Other mmos

Last Chaos ā€“ uninstalled.

ASTA ā€“ uninstalled

Runes of Magic ā€“ would be uninstalled today.

Possible candidates:

Perfect World

Forsaken world

And so the day has ended. I still have no alternative for Lotro should it end. I need fantasy pve game with crafting and (optionally) housing. Only ESO may fit, but it’s buy to play with occasional free play weekends. However, the day has been good in Lotro.