Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active. First of all – lost ~300 marks to purchase LI xp runes, 40.000 xp each. My legendary weapons were lvl.30 and I reforged them. Ok, free questing/deeding up to lvl.40.

Entwood quests: some were done quickly, just to finish as soon as possible. Festival quests were more succesful: fishing gave some 3 tokens. Fishing is a bit tricky: all non-rare fish counts 4 fish – 1 token. So, if you catch 5 fish, one remains “in reserve”. And today, I will get yet another Anfalas starlit crystal.

Runes of Magic

New mmo to try.
Just a generic mmo. Take WoW, make game colourful. Create few standard races. Make not so huge customization (well, for female you can make breasts as huge as possible!). Movement – WASD and mouse. Hurray, you have a brand new innovative mmo.

Sarcasm aside: RoM is just a generic mmo. As told – few generic races. Several generic classes. enviroment that is just too colourful. Quests are generic, no background. Up to level 3 – no story whatsoever.

There are mounts even from lvl.1, I was given some saddle to have a lvl.1 horse and some egg to (grow up?) some (mount?).

Playerbase at lvl.3:very low. Met 2 or 3 players, one of them pursued me for duel. Refused each single time. Restrictions so far: up to lvl.5 – no global chat.

Class: chose mage, later invested Talent Points into few attacks. Fireball is at maximum level, insta-kills lvl.1 monster. Overall class is normal. Not almighty Lotro minstrel, of course.

RoM is just too generic. It may shine with dual class system or with crafting (did not try this), but otherwise it’s just some nice place to spend some time. Lotro, Guild wars 2, Age of Conan – all  had some stories to tell and listen. RoM has none. My Elf Mage just goes, finishes quests, gets xp, enhances spells and that’s all. Impossible to immerse, but if you want to run some Elf in shiny plains – it could be an option.

mmorpg.com told I was making lots of typos. Could be, I make lots of them in Lotro chat. And I write my blog at work, so need to hurry while boss is not in. However, I guess everyone makes mistakes. “And so do I”.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.