Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did Entwood dailies, taking many task items (and well, deopsiting them in vault: would need later). Then, it was high time for Festival. Find this, fly kite, refresh overheating patrons (won’t tell you how…bit disgusting). Ice delivery to Hobbitses, making ice-cream.

And then fishing. Finding lost inventory, fishing for mathoms. Mathom fishing was almost skipped – I am more efficient with Barrow grinding for them.  And then it was normal fish fishing. Had some left-overs, fished some and earned 2 tokens.

Result: 36 tokens (11 earned for one day), bartered for Anfalas starlit crystal. Seems like I have 7 crystals. 6 for legendary sword and rune (pre-imbue), 1 would be left (for sword?). Or – grind for two more and enhabce bridle. However, is it worth trying?

My LIs stopped at lvl.29 – would have to use task items to get additional xp and reforge. Then, as always, deposit some task items to the vault…and resume adventures.

Last Chaos

Tried to locate X-Trap folder, it’s nowhere to be found. Downloaded some, but looks like I won’t be playing this game. Sorry, Last Chaos – with closed for registration forums, weird software you are auto-installing and too many efforts to make your launcher running – I think I don’t have enough patience.