Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did his daily routine. Festival quests, almost all of them. However, there is an overlapping (known before me…) with 2 quests. First – fish as many mathoms as you can; second – catch as many fish as you can. If you take fish first, you will get Mathoms. I thought everything was lost, took fishing fish quest…and began to catch fish. Unfortunately, time was lost, I cought too little. This problem is known to Turbine, yet nothing is done about that. ANother problem was cat. It stopped me, I stood for some minutes. Evil kitten did not move, so did I. Later she walked, I rushed…and finished every quest.  Due to fishing quest problem, lost some tokens – ended up with only 25 (so, 10 earned).

Note: fishing non-rare fishes gives exchange ratio 4 fish – 1 token. Rare fish goes for 2 tokens. Greedy hobbitses… So, I am not far from another Anfalas starlit crystal.

Then had to use LI runes to get weapons to lvl.20, reforge and do Entwood quests. They brought me to some lvl.24.

Last Chaos

Took an exception into antivirus, did not launch. Would wait untill team responds, of nothing helps – game would be uninstalled. Sorry, I did everything I could and if game fails to run, it’s not my fault.

And so the day has ended, it has been quite good in Lotro.