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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was doing Summer festival quests, bartered Anfalas crystal. Quests seem to be good, just rewards are a bit small (some of them could really reward with 2 tokens). Initially, ice delivery was problematic – later it was almost easy (just watch for kid, 2 cats and fre elemental). Fishing quests are mostly in-effective, except for Hobbiton. I could earn maximum 15 tokens per day – not too big, but I already have 7 Anfalas starlits. Too little, but I will earn more. Would need at least 9.

Entwood quests were done too, nothiung special about them. Also, advancing Crabain slayer deed. It goes really slowly, but still something to do.

Last Chaos

An old mmo, about 10 years old. No reviews at mmorpg.com. Has PvP, top level is 184, so there would be always something to do. Unfortunately, game failed to launch. I launch, it freezes and that’s all. Tried to goole – nothing helps. Updatexd NVidia drivers – no result. Windows are up to date. Added exception to frewall – still nothing. Local forums are closed for registration. Adressed support team, they told to add exception to antivirus.

There is one review that classifies game as pay-to-win. Not sure, would have to test it myself…and possibly to write a short review on mmorpg.com and there.


Finally uninstalled. I did not like it, it was very mechanical stuff: go there with your almost nude Mage, nuke this, survive that, turn in quests, repeat. Game without soul, without immersion.

Other mmos

Disputed Everquest II with one person in mmorpg.com: EQ2 has harsh limitations for f2p. If only I was for sci-fi, I’d try Wildstar. SWTOR is reccomended, but restrictions are severe.

So far, no new mmo to call new home should Lotro end. Folks are really suggesting ESO, but I need demo to try it.