Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz is still on book 3, this seems just endless. Dwarves in Enedwaith, then Wadu & Nona: I keep running forwards and backwards, killing stuff, collecting stuff. Getting valuable LI experience and some not-so-valuable lvl.65 legendary items stuff (scroll of delving, scroll of empowerement), also – champion rune of second age.

Quests were boring. Go there, talk to him, talk to another npc, investigate there, gather this. I skipped all quest text. ALl I cared about was LI xp.

Finally, reached Kindred reputation with lame Helmingas. Bought Return to Helms Deep skill (some 300 coins) and Eorlingas scroll of Delving. So, my legendary 2-handed sword now has 70 levels + legacy of might. I could barter scrolls of empowerement and to increase one legacy to the maximum.

I really wish to finish old epic as soon as possible. Some quests offered deeds I may complete later, most were just boring. After all, I need Entwood daily instances, need to advance slayer deeds (except Troll ones) – and only after that move to Westfold.


Played a bit. Nothing that would really interest me. Half-active player chat, some machinery in Definat capital, quests I did not care about. Discovered Bank, deposited some stuff there.

I need to find some Guild/Clan and then just keep asking for help to level up my half-nude Mage.


And so the day has ended – normally in both games.