Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active. Turned in Helmingas reputation items, then was really, really lazy to run Entwood daily instances. One kinnie asked for help with killing Carguls – I was lucky to volunteer.

It was Trollshaws, ruins with some Cargul searchers, then some trolls and other stuff. Well, great moment for me. Shing-shing, one attack, other attack – Carguls dead, then few others dead. Later kinnie needed to find one location. I rode there, summoned him and quest was done.

Then I was of no use for kinnie since had to log off and he needed to ride back and forth, from NPC to NPC. I went for epic quest. Go to Imladen, then speak with someone in Rivendell. Quests directed me to Eregion. There I made 1 mistake: took Legacy of might as a reward, not Lucky shoe. But – used legacy, now my LI has some +130 might, which is pretty good. Epic quest made me to explore one building with ~23 rooms (and deed to explore them all). I was a bit in a hurry, so found only what was neccessary and left. Would return next time. Then – Enedwaith, speaking with xenophobic locals and ending up ion Dwarf halls. I stopped there – had some things to be done (Giant/Gwibber slayer?)

Epic were not too interesting, except story how Aragorn met Gandalf.

Also managed to talk with one kinnie about some real life things. It ended up in me going to sleep at 01:00 (and get up at 06:15…feeling sleepy).

Other games

Aion: read about PvP. People keep telling it’s centered about PvP. Not for me then.

Rift: not played. Cannot force myself to do it.