Lord of the rings online

Had very limited time to play, so Vytautaz only did Entwood daily instances and turned in task items. I am some 2 days work from Kindred with Helmingas. Then, I could barter Scroll of Delving (+10 levels) and maybe 1 scroll of empowerement.

And then I would just grind-levelling legendary items only to deconstruct them, one after another. Finally, with good weapons, containing right legacies, could I enter Westfold. There are many things to be done, some things would never be finished untill lvl.110 or 115 (like entering Ost Giliath, which is currently impossible).


Was not played. Could not force myself to play. Run to NPC, receive some quest, kill/collect/report, find some little Rift, seal it, receive awards, run to NPC… Rift is still game without soul for me. I really do not care about Telara, conflicts and that grumpy world-devouring creature.

People are reccomending Wildstar, it has very generous f2p model, but it is sci-fi, so no gandalfs, magic bows.

And I still have no idea about my future home, once Lotro ends.

So, the day has ended – a bit grey in Lotro.