Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz ran Entwood dailies, levelling up legendary items, earning Kindred with grumpy Ents. Also, finished Half orc slayer advanced and Crabain slayer advanced. Reputation with Helmingas is growing very slow, but so far – some 7000 to go. Entwood dailies really help with this.

Finally made lvl.95 First age weapon. Made some use of legacies I have collected. One kinnie donated Eorlingas crystal and so much needed Essence of vitality. I had to buy essence of Physical mastery (2 units for 45 gold). Now, i have good Nadhin helm with 3 essences. New weapon performs nice, especially after I upgraded legacy with one scroll. Now, all I have to do is to reach Kindred with Helmingas, add +10 to my LI and finally have a normal weapon. Not sure if I should bother about rune/bridle: guess I would need them at level 100. So far, i can wait.

Kinship ran new instances + Tower of Orthanc. I did not participate, would wait for some easier ones.

The Rift

Downloaded (some gigabytes), installed. F2P mode is quite good, but expansions are locked behind paywall. Class setups that are most usefull for me (AoE healing…) – locked too. Feel free to buy expansion for real cash, that is.

Customization: face, tatoos, heigh. Nothing more, in terms of body design – everybody is similar. Yeap, you choose your side (Guardians/Defiants) and race, but most of these are alike. My only customization was to run the Maghe in underwear.
Soul tree system:really over-complicated to master. So far spend no souls, no idea what to do if skills I want to use cannot be upgraded.

Classes: few melee, did not try them. Cleric is not ranged, melee. Hunter was nice, but overall too weak for initial levels. Mage was something. Light armour, ranged attacks involving fire, energy, some ice. Of course, in melee mage is bad. I tried and enjoyed my mage. Later understood I could summon some Earth Elemental that fights for me. For group combat – oh no, died two times and could not outrun. Was helpless versus +8 level enemies.

Social aspect: sometimes you get ignored (“hello, newbie saying hi”, “what???”), sometimes you get spammed with advice whispers. Guilds sometimes advertise.

UI: skill bars as you know in every single mmo. Drag, drop, undrag and undrop. Things that give quests are marked as green circles with “!” on the map.

Quests: general. Check this, kill rats, use this on that. Some are autobestowed and autocomplete.

Rewards: you will get overflooded with your class rewards. Money could always be a problem (simple resurrection means at least 1 gold).

Overall impressions: Rift is generous mmo, it has everything you might expect…but no soul. Nothing to worry about, to immerse ino. Colourfull world with time machines, some cannons, some pistol-lake stuff along with skeletons. Distinctive thing – Rift. Kill all mobs around one, kill rift boss-creature, receive reward. One could play Rift as something to spend time, but not to immerse/feel something.

I asked some folks about my next home after Lotro closes (it would close within 2-3 years). Rift, Wildstar are reccomended. Some folks advice ESO, but it has action combat (dodge, exvade…) and is buy-to-play. Sorry, what if I buy and dislike? Any demo version would be great.

And so weekend has ended – kind of interesting in Lotro and Rift