Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did daily quests in Entwood and was fortunate to finish Goblin slayer deed (advanced). It is actually good to darm Entwood reputation. Not only you get 50 TP, but also grind some grindy slayer deeds. Reputation with Helmingas goes very slowly, only with task board items.

Discussed my equipment with kinnies. I thought to equip Heavy Nadhin helmet with 3 essences. They told it was of no use at lvl.95 and I should wait for lvl.100 DA armour. Maybe.

Hotfix 18.2.1 is applied to the game. Of course, nothing is done about spam of flowers that makes life less enjoyable. Instead,we have some Stable collection that does not work so far. A hotfix that fixes almost nothing.

My search for new home so far brings zero results. But there should be some f2p game, no matter old or new, to call home. Lotro ends, that is for sure. Exact amount of years does not count: one? two?

And so the day has ended. It has been totally grey in Lotro.