Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was the only active. 3 dailies in Entwood, task items turn-ins in Aldburg, legendary items reforging/deconstructingm, equipping and levelling new new set of LIs. That’s all activity.

Talked with kinnies – again – about Lotro and my possible new home. Kinnies are still very optimistic. Tehy do believe in game unless Turbine states it is time to sale with grumpy Elves to grumpy Undying Lands. I cannot maintain such optimism.

As far as I am told, data is not optimistic. Profit dropped by 75% – from 30 million $ to 10 million $. From 10 developers we are left with 3 only. They probably are hoping mobile fremium games would save Turbine…but what about Lotro? Could it be that when I started to enjoy gamne and try other aspects of it – everything ends?

I looked into my blog. I tried almost all Big Names: Aion, Rift, Terra, Neverwinter, Everquest II. Guild wars 2, Age of Conan, lesser ones: Dragon prophet, Path of Exile and others. And nowhere did I feel like at home.

My requirements are too simple: PvE game, as much solo content as possible, Minstrel-type class and fantasy game style. Would I find a new home? Only time will tell.