Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did daily grind in Entwood. Few times ran into group of mobs, was killed, resurrected. Killed monsters, looted stuff, gained xp (now will race up LIs to lvl.40-50).

Talked with kinnies about future of Lotro. I see almost no future,. Turbine would focus on Farmville-type games and eventually abandon Lotro. Where to go should the game end? I have tried many games, yet they did not impress me much. No such warm, inviting atmosphere plus harsh f2p restrictions. Guild wars 2 may be an option, yet they are not that immersive. Kinnies talk about Rift etc. – I am the only one lost.

Istaria? Well, nice if you want to help some huge plot with tons of resources and march forwards-backwards. Or grind thousands of tokens to level up new combat school. Don’t get me wrong – for group play (indestructavble fiyakis, bloodskulks anyone?) it is perfect. For playing Dragon, building your own land it is perfect and the multiclassing is probably the best. Yet, the grind. Really really huge grind even if you have lots of storage silos.

Guild wars 2? Some flaws there, sometimes noticable f2p players restrictions. Graphic is superior.

Age of Conan: yes, an option to run big-chested nude female! And be necromancer, commanding an army of some half-demons. However, everythiong else is complicated and not-so inviting.

All other games I have tried: sorry, did not impress, did not immerse.

If only there was something like Lotro: warm, inviting, with really interesting characaters one could enjoy or hate (Laila, Grima or that unlucky poisoned Thane).

And so the day has ended – a bit pessimistic in Lotro.