Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active. Did daily quests in Entwood, finished Boar and Bear slayer (advanced), also got many Warg kills. Entwood dailies are mostly on my side. If enemy is not deedable, i just enjoy my time and kill every single monster to get LI xp. I have to prepare for normal combat – i.e. collect almost all legacies for lvl.95 first age LI and only then craft, equip, level it. Of course, I can’t expect miracles from lvl.85 second age sword I am using right now.

Looted Heavy Nadhin mask, lvl.95. Well, I cannot find any normal essences for lvl.95. There were two on auction house, but not suitable for champion. Guess would have just to throw that mask away. As kinnies explained, erssences up to lvl.100 are rare.

Mood is still grumpy. Lotro – most likely – moves to its end. I do not know how would it look: would game close after One Ring is destroyed? Or would one day come when Turbine announces that next week we are closing, thanks for being. And I am really sure 10th Anniversary festival may be the last one.

Whatever happens – even if the worst things – I would always love Lotro. It is the game I really fit in. The best F2P model, probably the best lore, nice classes (MInstrel is just superior!), all epic content free. We also have good community with active Guilds. No other game I have tried can compete with Lotro (for me). Some may have bigger worlds or funny charactyers (GW2), some are a bit grumpy looking with optyion to walk nude (Age of Conan), some are just nice, big, yet unappealing to me…and none has this warm, nice atmosphere of Lotro. If things go absolutely wrong – I would really miss Lotro.

And so the day has ended. Nothing too good or too bad, just many thoughts about Lotro’s future (if there is still one).