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Lord of the rings online

Turbine has announced another round of layoffs. Also, they announced “transition to free to play mobile games studio”. Dungeons & Dragons online, Lotro should remain, according to the statement.

That was the blow. Turbine in fact abandoning mmorpg market and switching to Farmville/Astrogardens? Grow a carrot, do not let Hobbit to the carrot, then grow more carrots – in case you miss carrots, pay 9.99$ for Extra Carrot Package. Lord of the rings, DDO does not count, loyal player base does not count, even the best free-to-play model does not count.

It is possible we are seeing the begining of the end. Licence ends at 2017, we are too close to Mordor. Would game remain on maintenance mode – nobody knows. Would it evemn remain online – nobody knows. Though almost everyone on Lotro forums sees it as the end.

That’s possibly the end. At the best, we would get maintenance mode. At the worst, after Ring destroyed, Lotro would shut down. I can feel but sad and angry about this. Turbine, you are making one freaking huge mistake. Farmvilles won’t be for too long and Lotro has the lore! Lotro has loyal players and Lotro has the future.

This being said, everything else won’t matter much. Like the fact my Vytautaz succesfully quested in Entwood. Instances were great, offering deedable monsters (goblins, half-orcs, wolves, bears). I am just one step (10 levels) from another set of deconstructable LIs. Stormsong invested almost all Scrolls of empowerement into AoE attacks, these are the most valuable. Then – Will, I need as much as possible.

Xinderbor, my TP grinder, got a bunch of TPs. Hard to believe I got >300 TPs after latest purchase of traveller skills.

Kinship was active, just yesterday there was only one Pelagir action 9and that’s after my screams…).

And so weekend has ended. Feeling grumpy about future of Lotro if there is any.