Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz turned in Helmingas task items and since he ran out of these – some of Eorlingas. Then – Entwood quests which once again were lucky. I got Goblins and some animals, so my slayer deeds advanced and legendary weapons got so needed experience.

Stormsong participated in Pelagir 6-man run, build barricades/catapults and fired at will. Our group was experienced and strong, we finished quickly. Rewards were not that great, one essence and 3 pieces of trash jewellery, However, it’s stars of merit that matter.

And they would matter more after Update 18.2. We have new cap on imbued Legendary weapons, some 10 levels, five of them are free (?). I asked Kin to caculate (I’m bad with such complicated mathematic). It turns out for freshly imbued LI you will need 20 Anfalas starlit crystals and some 210 Anfalas scrolls of empowerement. Now, let’s multiply by 2 and we have almost impossible task. One that player with great luck may achieve in ~140 days.

Grind without purpose, just for the sake to survive battle. Yeah, very “interesting”. My dear Turbine, each your Update makes me understand I do not want these updates since they rarely bring anything good.

Well, so the day has ended – good actions, a bit grumpy thoughts about Lotro.