Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active. Doing daily quests in Dertingdale – one time I was lucky to run into lots of Bears. My slayer deed advanced without problem, I could kill them all. To be honest, I avoid killing non-deedable monsters. With my equipment, I still die many times and use potions every now and then. Of course, one is NOT to expect wonders with second-age LI (lvl.85) versus normal enemy (level 95).

My routine with Legendary items goes well. Few teleports Deringdale-Forlaw, some Helmingas task items turn in and weapon gained enough levels. Also, I level up to ~lvl.40 and then decon. Received rune is used to level up another weapon. So far, i have extracted some needed legacies as well as un-needed ones. At least my lvl.95 weapon would have some nice legacies.

Stormsong had some job to do. First – after Update 18.2 Minstrels got trait points reset. So, I had to re-configure (and forgot to make screenshot). Once again, “orange” Minstrel – almost every red tree, except un-needed and then investment into yellow tree.

Kinship organized some new raid runs – and also Samath Gul run. I was accepted there, was happy enough to loot 3 Anfalas scrolls of empowerement. I am preserving these for Vytautaz, when he would have to imbue his LI. Then, I would really need every single Anfalas scroll (currently have 6).

In short, things are going good. Monsters in Entwood instances supply me with task items; task items provide xp and reputation with Helmingas and Legendary items routine runs very good. Things are just nice in Lotro.