Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active, doing Ents of Fangorn daily quests. Are they very interesting? Not exactly. But they do give LI experience and local currency – the very LI xp I need now.

And they give some profit too. I managed to finish Orc slayer (advanced). Yesterday, ran into Bears, Goblins  and Wargs – so may slayer deeds advanced. Yes, these things are random (you are most likely to encounter Orcs/Dunlendings), but when they are on yours ide – just make sure you kill all of them.

Of course, my perfomance is far from optimal. Legendary 2-handed dword is lvl.85 second age one. Bridle is lvl.75 first age. yet I will replace everything (except Bridle) at lvl.95. Yet, I do get xp and even dailies are not too boring.

My plan is clear: get Kindred with the Ents; by that time get almost all legacies I need and upgrade my legendary weapons. Only then will I move to Westfold, ready for Big Battles and Paths of the Dead.

Kinship was once again very active with featured instance and some others, i got help with my Champion setup. Now, I am more into AoE (since group buffs does not interest me at all).

And so the day has ended – short, yet still good (and profitable) in Lotro.