Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active. I continued questing in Rohan. Finished evacuating Edoras, followed Eowyn to Underharrow, then proceeded to killing Orcs and alike. Experience was flowing, quets were interesting. Well, “phasing” did not allow me to do some quests (“this quest is avauilable only after completion NN quest”), but later I resumed. Some quests were really interesting: one where Reeve Frithild holds her council, then strikes against Orcs/half-orcs/whatsoever. Due to her lack of strategy – she loses most of her advisors. Then, a victory feast, nearby Thane ir invited…Frithild suddenly collapses. She is dead, poisoned, Thane becomes protector of Broadacres. Of course, it is up to me to investigate only to realise White Hand is beneath this treachery. Some fight – justice restored. Pity for brave Reeve and curse White Hand.

I have completed 2 slayer deeds (Orcs and Dunlendings), some other (Goblin) finished as simple, now have to do Advanced. Herd creatures, wolves, wargs, uruks, half-orcs  and evil Crabain – everything still under way. Need to do everything I can before I move to Westfold and Big Battles.

Also – reached lvl.95. Had to throw every single lvl.85 legendary weapon. Naktieskarys crafted several lvl.95 third agers, then looted some from monsters. I also equipped Stone of Tortoise: do not want to outgrow content. I will level up many legendary weapns, get right legacies, then make one good first age LI. And only then, with all 3 LIs ready, will I move to Westfold and eventually to Gondor.

Meanwhile, moved to Isengard (flooded) and Derringdale. So far it is the best place for me. Lots of quests, reputation to be grinded. And most importantly – instances that may advance my slayer deeds. Not sure about Crabain, but  wargs/wolves may be good enough. Also, lots of xp for legendary items.

Another word on ms. Eowyn. She knows nothing on safety, resulting in her riding alone versus warband (and our hero is to save her pretty arse from certain death). She should be tought some safety, I guess.

And so, the day has ended. Things are going pretty well for me in Lotro.