Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was once again active. Moved to Middlemead, then to some other cities. Quests are many, one after another, some autobestows and thus helps me to finish deeds. This time I am more cautious: evil Crabain and Goblins are to be killed where they are found. After all, 80 and then 160 Crabain is a big number.

I am happy with quests and region. I feel a real story, real people that may panic or be brave, may flee or face certain death and sometimes their lives ends in tragedy. Experience is flowing too, already reached level 92. A bit more runs – and magic level 93 is mine. Which means yet another increase in Might. Of course, I do not know what to do with warsteed experience: invested everytjing I imagined, now I am just out of ideas. All other options I am offered are meaningless to me. New skills I won’t use – why bother?

However, I have my Rohan, great story, normal slayer deeds (except few very grindy).I will do every single of them and grind all I can.

We talked in Kin about my alts: currently, Stormsong is my real main toon. Others are walking vaults/crafters (like Ahelissa, Windstorms). Naktieskarys is still a quality Weaponsmith whose vault is flooded with things. Of course, Kin runs Bells of Dale, but this instance is hard for me, so I avoid it.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.