Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz quested in Rohan. Doing various quests – collapse Orc caves, then find one cave (without collapsing), kill these, find that and return to Aldburg. Upon returning – hurray, one exploration deed finished!

Received one trait tree point so that I could add some additional might for my Champion. Steed is receiving points too, but I am not sure where to invest to. I have invested into blue and red lines and yellow is just pointless for me.

Now, I received redirection to another region. Well, another 50 quests, more xp for me and legendary items. Good.

Was glad to help kinnie. He needed Wildermore recipe: 25 local gold tokens and Ally rating. Stormsong has neutral rating and some 77 tokens. Vytautaz – neutral with God knows how much tokens. Naktieskarys saved situation with Kindred and 877 tokens. Bartered recipe, gave it and it was done. At least some use from me to the Kinship.

And sop the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.