Lord of the rings online

With new equipment, Vytautaz felt much better. I was not afraid to fight few enemies at once. I survived with little need to use potions. And of course, I quested, delaing with boars, orcs and other evil. Yet another session play as Foca, one who was killed by giant boar.

I am redirected to Beaconwatch and would have some quests there. Yes, local thane is too passive, hardly capable of leading locals to victory/salvation. yes, querst involve looking for flowers 9arrowheads), lost rings, lockets, chicken food. Yes, local quests were far from interesting.

Problems with legendary items continues. I had extracted only 1 good legacy, rest were just trash and to make things worse – I do not loot any Champion weapon for lvl.85. To craft another 3? Not sure, it takes just too long. But I should not give up: I’ll craft many lvl.95 weapons and level them up one day.

Meanwhile reached level 91 and finally got shing-shing attack. Now I could fight groups of mobs, while on foot!

Stormsong was able to help kinnie with one dragon, Bloodwing. I was effective, was happy to help and use my favourite AoE attacks. Kinnie was happy, I was happy – maybe only Dragon wasn’t excited…

Turbine announced Update 18.2 which brings resurrection ability for all minstrels at lvl.45 (?). Instead, we would have all our trait skills reset. Ost Elendil won’t be featured instance, some jewellery won’t drop at featured instances. For me, nothing too good or exciting.

However, I am in Rohan and I have much job to do. Level up LIs, get right legacies and finally be able to survive almost any battle. And then…and then I would have lvl.95 weapons to level and my main weapons to be configured correctly.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.