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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was busy with Aldburg. Do this, run there, kill those…managed to destroy one Warband, then slay some boars/beers. Experience was flowing, reputation grew, I was riding on my good warsteed and killing enemies.

However, there were problems with my survival. I felt weak against some enemies – was it armour or lame legendary weapon or smoething else? managed to defeat one monster only in mounted combat.

I had to ask kinnies and they were extremely kind to me – one sent me pocket item, another was very quick to make quality armour and jewellery. All I had to do was – give him crafting materials (I hoard these in large numbers, so they are not a problem). Now I have good armour, quality jewellery and a new bow. Supplied kinnie with basic crafted materials. We ranted about my “love” for champions (since my 3 toons are champs).

Of course, I left Hytbold armour as cosmetic, but now am wearing more modern one. It’s really nice to be in such good kinship. Every now and then somebody asks if anyone needs help. One day, when it comes to Big Battles, i would ask. And i do hope to be of any help to kinnies one day.

Now, Aldburg is finished, I went to some little town in swamps and would do quests there.

And so the day has ended, it was really wonderfull in Lotro. Good region + good kinship – what could be better?