Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz has finished all standard quests in Wildermore. Grindy deeds are left for later times – Snowcats, woodtrolls, wolves and wargs, reputation with the Survivors of Wildermore. The only positive thing was “Return to Forlaw” skill. This is what I may use.

I rushed to Western Rohan. This is area I do like (despite few nearly imopssible warbands and some grindy slayer deeds). Initially – epic quests. Finally, Grima is expelled, Theoden king restored.

And then, evacuation of Edoras. I had to take care of everything: destroy Grima’s agents; encourage citizens; take care of crops and even help little girl with her fox. Of course, i knew that should Orc come, they would burn crops, kill horses and demolish everything. Yet, those quests really involved me into story.

One more sad quest – evacuation of people to one town. i found them all slaughtered. None survived. Citizens of all little town were lost. Thane went to Eowyn, shouted, was nervous, attacked her…I understood his grief, but heck, he can’t abandon Wade, Wade was NOT lost.

In short, Edoras quests are done, I am moving to Aldburg with new quests. So far having serious problems with local Orcs – if there are two of themn, I struggle to survive. Armour is still normal, weapon legacies are beyond critic…yet I have to level up my LIs to find some nice legacies. Another lesson: always prepare a stack of LIs to level up and get normal legacies.

We also had sales – purchased another shared storage.

And so weekend has ended, it was very good in Lotro. Awaiting return to my favourite Rohan.