Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active in Wildermore, trying to do as much slayer/exploration deeds as possible. Visiting some dying Thane. Listening to what he has to day, collecting his belongings, then finally burryiing him. Oh well, then we have his pregnant wife. To make things worse, other women dislike this wife, so it’s up to you to make things right. And then collect stuff, from snow to weapons (oh yes, and do not atrtract much attention from local orcs).

On the other hand, I am getting experience, advancing my Warsteed, advancing my lvl.85 legendary weapons so that one day I could finally have quality one. Monsters just won’t drop Champion LIs: beorning, guardian, minstrel – as much as you want, just not champion’s.  Reputation is getting closer and closer to Kindred, which is good too. I also locarted few of the flowers

Kinship makes OD runs all the time and none wants/needs Pelagir. A pity, I would be a bit out of Anfalas crystals by the time Vytautaz would have to imbue lvl.100 LI. And I am not speaking about scrolls of empowerement – these would require tons of marks/medaillions.

However, things are going good so far. I am questing, “devouring” content and wishing to leave for Rohan as soon as possible.