Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz is still in Wildermore, doing every single quest – except one epic that requires killing half-orcs. I am adventuring, doing “talk to NPC A, return to NPC B, then back untill both are satisfied” quests, killing Orcs. Found one of Wildermore’s flowers, received deed.

Slayer deeds are going good, Orcs are really not a problem, mounted enemies slayer is on its way too. Experience is so far – good. I also on my way to Kindred with people of Wildermore.

Some quests -while known- were interesting. Refugees from one town, then my need to care about them. Then – experience how Saruman scouted these lands, witness all situation that fell on Wildermore. Some quests – well – were just “ok-ok-ok-next-next-next-finish”.

Naktieskarys crafted two lvl.85 third age weapons and sent them to Vytautaz. Unfortunately, legacies are really lame and cooldown for these crafted weapons is too long (18 hours). Also, such weapons just won’t drop from any monster I encounter. i have Guardian, Minstrel, Beorning stuff…just not Champion.  For levelling weapons I started to use task items. They are just perfect, 10 times – and you reach level 10 without a problem (and gain valuable steed xp too).

I do need level 85 Champion weapons (not runes) so that my Greatsword would be suitable for combat, like lvl.75 one was. On the other hand – I also have some need in Riddermark ore, Naktieskarys is low on it (a trip to harvest?).

Kinship was very active doing Ost Dunhof instance (OD). Three runs in a row. I did not participate:too long and possibly not so great reward. Pity nobody does Pelagir these days.

And so the day has ended, it was good in Lotro. Looking forward to reach lvl.89, finish as much of Wildermore as I can and then move to Rohan.