Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was the only active. So far – in Wildermore. Doing every single quest, no matter if regional or epic. Finished some exploration deeds and actually starting to enjoy mounted combat even in Wildermore.

Well, mounted combat in these lands is a risky – too many rocks, too many chances to fell and be killed. Sometimes pathes are narrow, too many obstacles. And yet, mounted combat saved me several times.

One was a fellowship quest to kill an overgrown Warg with some 100,000 health. I tried to use my warsteed as best as I could. Always ranged attacks, almost never – melee. Always run away as fast as I can, gather Warsteed fury and attack at full power. Result – after many circles and attacks/counterattacks I soloed a fellowship monster! Yes, I was really satisfied (and that’s despite very lame LI).

I am also satisfied with orc/Mounted enemies slayer deeds. Each mounted orc counts both as Orc and as Mounted. You kill one, you get counted as two. Superb thing.

Legendary items are still a problem, i am still levelling lvl.75 ones just to get XP runes. One option is to level these up to lvl.30, deconstruct and equip lvl.85 ones. My weaponsmith could craft few third agers and then just level them up. Task items are very good to gain quick xp for this – as well as steed xp.

Overall, I am satisfied with my questing in Wildermore. So far it goes good. I am on my way to lvl.87 and probably I would level up to lvl.89. Then, I would have to use xp disabler.

And so the day has ended. It was quite good in Lotro.