Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz: Eastern Rohan, my favourite region, is finally finished. I have all the deeds there and had to leave for snowy Wildermore. Hytbold is yet to be rebuilt, as well as reputation with local factions. This could wait. Rohan itself is a very nice and inviting region, one you could just quest forever.

Wildermore was different. Cold, snowy, with too many mountains (danger to be killed if you fall). And, of course, evil Tree trolls. Even my Minstrel had problems with them, using deed accelerator. Quests itself were not too exciting, only Narzum’s line is interesting. Immediately started slaying Orcs, now have some 40/100 killed. Few times I was killed by local warbands.

Level 85 meant few new things: Hytbold Berserker armour and level 85 Legendary weapons. These are the main problem: I got only lame legacies. Now need to craft/loot lvl.85 ones and achieve legacies I actually need. Armour itself – not sure if this is the best, but untill lvl.95 would do.

Currently I do feel weak. Some monsters inflict heavy damage on me, although we are on-level. My dps are not so high as I could espect.

Stormsong: took part in Ost Elenedi, lvl.105, instance. Good fight, many dps (including my favourite AoE ones). Loot was mediocre – some worthless tier 6 relics and jewellery. I got one necklace with 2 essence slots. Quite good, now have to locate essences (buy? crafting does not seem an option).

And so weekend has ended, quite good in Lotro…just boredom (i.e. Wildermore).