Lord of the rings online

Real life interfered:had very limited time to play, maybe 1 hour.

Vytautaz finished everything in Snowbourn. Do this, gather that, talk to NPC, return to another NPC. Of course, some traitor, had to discuss things.  At least majestic Snowbourn has the will to fight and do not evacuate as Eomer commands. Such nice town with strong walls could stand long enough and hold off any orc attack. And then, moving to Walstow.

Another Reeve there, nice woman. Another stack of quests. Buold barricades…and themn gather some reeds. Me, mighty hero with a big sword…gather stuff in swamps? Come on….

However, quests were going good, I was quik and efficient to do things, gain xp. Legendary items jet-levelled so I will have another 3 LI xp runes in no times.

Walstow has some 15 quests, then – redirect to Snowbourn. Quite good, I will level up my toon. And then, at level 85 – would stay to finish deeds. Brigands, Half-orcs, Herd creatures, Wargs, Spiders – all need my attention.

Time in Lotro is short (real life, once again), yet I am satisfied. Yes, I do await level 85 and new weapons. Yes, I will grind every single killable monster I encounter. And then, would finally depart to snowy Wildermore.

And so the days has ended and it was quite good in Lotro.