Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active in Sutcrofts, doing local quests, killing local monsters and after one quest (kind of good – half-orc slaying involved) moved to Snowbourne. Once again, refugees: i had to look for homes, then tell every single of them to go home, then gather some stuff and even find a bucket of fish for one cat. Yeap, a cat. We have war around us, we have traitor Grima, we have Saruman, Sauron…and somebody cares for his cat.  At least these quests were interesting. While they did not contribute to my slayer deeds (Orcs are done long ago), it’s just about fun. Later I will return to grindy slayer deeds: Brigands, Wargs, Herd creatures…only to finish with Spiders and some others/

We joked a little in Kinship chat about cooks. Of course, I told I needed Gandalf the Grumpy to be cooked alive. And Laila. And Grima. And Pelagir. And Minas Tirith. Then we went into some kind of trolling about cooks and cooking.

I am advancing to lvl.85, counting when would I have access to one pretty cool AoE skill (yellow tree). My mount – I am making almost full red tree and heavily investing into blue one: my steed must survive as long as it can. Not sure if this is right, but I may buy back points and redistribute them after all.

And so the day has ended – it was short, yet effective in Lotro.