Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz got home a bit late, so had only some time to play.

All I did was slaughtering salamanders near Harwick for dragon-kind slayer (advanced). Logged off after finishing some 140-150 of them. Very close, then will move for brigands (some 50/200). Ancvient evil slayer deed is close to completion too (and all I need is Drugaur cave, some time for slaughtering locals).

I am starting to equip myself with lvl.85 legendary items. Made myself second age sword, received second age bridle…and one very kind kinnie made me first age rune. First age, not second one (despite the fact we talked about second age LI). When I reach lvl.85, I will rebuild Hytbold…and move to Wildermore.

No, i do not like it much. Too much grind with too little rewards/TP return. Anyway, would have to move, do as many deeds as I can.

In Kin chat, we had many talks about regions and TP returns. Folks speak favourably on Moria, telling there is some 600-800 TP from it for every single toon. Correct, but there is big time sink too. Anyway, I have 3 toons with (almost) finished Moria, so at least half the price has paid off.

And so the day has ended – grindy and too quick one in Lotro.