Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was really happy in Rohan. Doing quests. Trying not to hurry and enjoy content. Then – doing epic quests, finishing every single non-repeatable.

Epic quest line in Rohan is just epic. You meet Gandalf, then witness Saruman with his evil words. Eaves of Fangorn has one of the most touching quests:an Ent is missing a little bird. Alas, poor bird is dead from lake poisoned by Orcs. Revenge is near, but one really feels pity. And, of course, Grima with Theoden King. I have always dreamt how would I deal with this Wormtongue (unfortunately, Turbine leaves no place for that).

Exploration deeds are almost done: have to locate few tombs and enemy camps. Slayer deeds goes kind of slowly:beasts, brigands, half-orcs, dragon-kind ā€“ all are on the way to advanced. Currently I am killing salamanders (dragon kind), then will move to brigands ā€“ all are near Harwick.

After every single deed is finished and Hytbold rebuilt ā€“ it would be high time to enter Wildermore. A region I do not like much, it’s too snowy with some impossible to kill warbands and very grindy Survivors of Wildermore quests/deeds. Without Minstrel it is a real pain.

Stormsong was happy enough to participate in Pelagir duo. Rewards were lame, as always, but it’s merit stars that count.

Naktieskarys witnessed dilema: which lvl.85 LI to craft for Vytautaz – first age or second age? I do not have lvl.85 First age symbol and it has some chance to drop from lvl.85 tier 2 instances. Well, I would probably never get a group for that. To buy 3 symbols would mean bancruptcy. Decided to stick with second age – have enough symbols for that. Great sword is crafted, rune – would be crafted by a kinnie and I have alrweady received bridle (second age too).

I am really satisfied with my nice, green Rohan where I feel almost like home. Experience is good, enemies are mostly grindable and etire atmosphere is just great.

And so weekend has ended, I was very happy with Lotro and my Kin. Life is just great in Lotro.