Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz continues his adventures in Rohan. There are so many activities, so much to do that sometimes I am getting lost:what to do now?

First, we have Spring festival. I could go there, try evil maze and earn some tokens for some cool stuff.

Second, I have epic quest line. It directs me through region, it tells me stories, some of them are really interesting (unlike “ok-ok-ok-next-next-finish” Gondor!).

Third, I have regional quests/deeds. Somehow managed to overlook one place in Great River – exploration deed not done. Slayer deeds are to be advanced too. Warbands may be killed for loot and reputation.

And so, I have but one toon and several choices.  The only thing I must remind myself: do not “devour” content, think about slayer deeds, do not rush. Great River was an example of how to deal with content:  finish all deeds, only then move to next region. Things would be the same there – I’ll grind every single deed, advance to lvl.85, barter hytbold armour…and then move to snowy Wildermore.

For now, I am doing slayer deeds and the easiest one -Orcs- is very close to  completion. Others advance too, maybe not too fast: but this time I take every single opportunity.

Unfortunately, I have almost abandoned my Runekeeper (but either I play Rohan or lvl.17 RK!) and TP grind. Naktieskarys, my former main, just stands somewhere without action with half-upgraded legendary weapons.

However, I do enjoy Rohan, its green planes, sense of war, interesting stories, choices you would have to make. Such a nice region, one could wish to stay there for really long long time.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.