Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz has finally, finally finished all deeds in Great River (ok, Roots of Fangorn remain…) and moved to green, nice and inviting Rohan. Feeling almost relaxed there, such a good region. Starter region (Wold) is nice, everything there is nice, from quests to deeds.

Experience is flowing, even if i do quests alone and sometimes kill monsters for pleasure and deeds. If there is no deed to kill, I avoid slaying. Why victims when they aren’t of use?

My Runekeeper advanced too. I was doing basic slayer/exploration deeds in Bree. RK skills are nice, yet this class should place many many Damage over Time’s so that to avoid melee combat. For TP grind this class is not efficient – since only Minstrel is efficient for that. But overall I am interested in this class and I will play it for some time.

Stormsong did epic quest in Minas Tirith. An extremely boring, uninteresting quest line + heavy lag. Which made me skipping all dialogues. Yes-yes-ok-ok-accept-next-yes-yes-finish. I really did not care what were NPCs thinking, even what Gandalf had to say. Minas Tirith is huge, lag ois very heavy, almost could’nt enter instances. However, received Imbued weapon legacy replacement scroll which used immediately.

Kinship did some runs. Since Ost Elendil was featured, I was taken into lvl.101 group and after I became lvl.105 – Kin organized a run specially for me. Loot was very good – Anfalas scrolls of empowerement, they allowed me to enhance my LI. Now I am better at heals, all thanks to my Kinship.

It was very strange to hear one kinnie: he told we were low on runs, he had no activity, he was going to cancel his subscription. Too radical to be 100% true. Kinship does new Gondor instances every single day, one has just to wait…or actually ask. Weir to hear, but kinnie left our Kinship.

And so the day has ended – if not kinnie who left, the day wuld have been perfect in Lotro.