Lord of the rings online

Finally, back from hospital, almost everything is ok. Back to real life, back to Lotro and my Family.

Hunter was deleted without any regret. Too slow to grind TPs, sorry.

Vytautaz received help with Limlight Gorge quests: managed to do all they offered there: fred some Dwarves, aided lame prospectors and, of course, was well defended by lvl.105 kinnies. Right now, I have some 15/20 quests done and took 3 daily quests today. 2 more days, Limlight Gorge would be history – maybe Roots of Fangorn would remain for future. And then I would fulfill my dream and leave to Rohan.

I talked to Kinship about toon to grind TPs. Almost everyone advices champion or minstrel. I asked for something fresh and one Officer adviced her own class – Runekeeper. Oh yes, the famous “Sith lightining” attack and even resurrecction. New Runekeeper was born with name too long to remember…

Impressions: bikini armour user. No melee weapon at all (only shield). Class that can heal a bit – though too little (at low levels) to have signifacnt impact. Ranged class – which is good, specialising at dealing damage over time and some stuns. Not so shiny thing – lack of skills. Kinnies told me Runekeeper relies on skill quality, not quantity. Also, RK uses attunements – system I still fail to understand. Kinnies tell me some skills require attunement and that the more, the better.
Combating enemies using Runekeeper is still sometimes hard for me. Damage over time does not kill immediately (unlike Minstrel’s nukes). I have only one ranged stun and one melee stun. Fighting many enemies at once could mean dead runekeeper.
Overall: interesting class if one can master it properly…yet Minstrel is still much better. However, I am having fun with my RK, even aided one Hunter with epic quest where he had to fight many Dourhands. I will continue playing Runekeeper untill get Kindred with the men of Bree. It’s an interesting class and on higher levels, with some AoE, it could get great.

And so the long days of waiting are over, I am back and quite satisfied.