Lord of the rings online

Last day with PC and Lotro before going offline for some 2 weeks.

tried to play Hunter, named Xizulfa. oh my gosh, it was a real nightmare if compared with on-level Minstrel.

Ranged unit: nice. Medium armour: good (Minstrel is ligh one). rest is bad. Can’t attack while moves. Wields 2 melee weapons, but could use spoons doe self defense with same “efficiency”. Ranged attacks at lvl.7 are really week.

Hunter (at least my red-line at lvl.7) is not dps. Minstrel outperforms him many many times. Grinding TPs with Xizulfa was a real pain. The only real attack i had was “Heart seeker” – almost insta-kill. Then, it was some kind of attack that stuns enemy. Lest were simple weak ranged ones. My hope of having Minstrel v.2.0 was ruined.

Somehow grinded 5 Turbine points (30 wolves killed in Ered Luin in company with 2 unfriendly Lore masters declinig my offers of fellowshsip). Regional chat dead while I was asking advice of veteran Hunters.

In short – Hunter may be Middle-Earth’s taxi service, but for me it is not efficient class.

And now – off for at least one week. Those who believe in any gods – pray for me. Those who don’t – well, just wish me the best luck.