I have some problems in real life – Kinship knows what are they, no need to repeat.  if I was a role-player, I would recall one scene in Lonelands.

I am taking some (forced) time off Lotro.  managed to log yesterday, ask for Kin attention and told my story. Some officers were afraid i was leaving Lotro. Nope, not gonna happen unless game becomes too  hard (like modern quest to enter OG without cheating). I am staying there, with inviting green fields of Rohan, aurora borealis of Forochel and even Ever-swim. I am stayimng with my Family that have always supported me, in good and bad moments.

Of course, I’ll be back to hear news about game, updates, store sales and TP grind.

My Vytautaz would ask for help with Limlight Gorge and do every single deed there. Then – finally – Great River deeds would be done and I will move to green, inviting Rohan. I know of dangers and treachery, I know about (bit boring) Wildermore – but still, entering favourite region, rebuilding Hytboldd is really promising.

I am not grumpy. Sometimes I could be bored of too long grind (like spiders in Great River, ice grims in Forochel). Sometimes I could feel sad because evil RNG bypassed me as ti always does.

So – taking some break and would be back for more fun.