Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz spent his day killing spiders. Great River spiders are real headache – too little of them and if you have competitors – you are stuck for a long time. I had some patience to kill these guys and by the end of the day managed to kill last one. Now, only one big obstacle stands in my way.

Limlight Gorge. And yes, I will need all the help from Kinship. Finish everything I need – and lerave that place for good, i.e. untill I am lvl.105.

Stormsong participated in Pelagir run, this time as quality Engineer. Was guarding fountain and did my job good. However, we had one supply lost (not mine!) and one monster “left unchallenged for too long”. It is obvious, monsters in instances have been reinforced by Turbine. They are more powerfull so that even best dps sometimes are too low.

Platinium was gone, trash was vendor one: lvl.100 second age symbol, one worthless jewellery and essence of zero value. Trashed everything.

The days are becoming a bit dull and grumpy. I can still do same and same DA dailies on Stormsong, grinding tokens I would never use. Or I could grind for Limlight Gorge task items and (grind) for their reputation.

And so the day has ended – a bit grey in Lotro.