Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz killed Easterlings, one after another, running in local camp. Finally, deed was done, Turbine points acquired and I moved to do most boring deed – spider slayer. Very slow, since there are too little spiders in Great River region.

Switiched to Xinderbor. Did some slayer deeds (Goblins, Spiders) in the Shire, then started Slug slayer. Resumed, killed slugs and slayer of Shire meta-deed was done. Managed to talk to other players about getting rich (but received only – “sell Scrolls of empowerement”, “raid instances”) and about optimal way to grind TPs. I adviced one player my own strategy – maybe it sounded complicated, but it is not: create Human minstrel, do Ered Luin slayer deeds and you are ok.

And then – Stormsong participated in Pelagir 6-man run. Almost everything went wrong from the begining. I ran as vanguard, some folks did not want me to get kills, then we hardly managed with first wave (baricades). Second – last- wave was a complete disaster, We lost baricades, we lost one siege weapon, we had an onslought of Corsairs and finally, failed challenge. Monster appeared too quickly and time began to count dow too early. Yeah, I was dead two times + loot was only vendor trash.

RNG machine is once again programmed (manually) to act against me, it is obvious.  My dear developers, maybe you could consider bringing my Lotro life back to normal, not eternal grumpy failures?

And so the day has ended – a bit grumpy and without hope in Lotro.