Lord of the rings online

We have a new update. First and most imoprtant – amount of many monsters to slay has been lowered. Example: Great River slayer deeds (advanced) now require 200, not 240. That allowed me somehow finish 3 slayer deeds and automatically earn 15 Turbine points + finish one Great River slay deed more quickly. Nice.

Other improvements are minor: revamps there and here, Forge and relic masters added to most housing neighbourhoods (except evil Hobbitses – but who would like grumpy, evil carnivorous Hobbitses?).

Vytautaz finished Shade slayer and now would be farming Easterlings and Spiders. I really want to leave Great River quickly and move to Rohan.

Stormsong did one Pelagir run, but it was inefficient, got no Platinium box and overall – only Merit stars while colleague looted first age symbols and alike. Game is once again against me, once against programmed not to give me anything of any value.

Xinderbor did nothing – but she would farm monsters in the Shire (since the numbers has been lowered).

Sales:we had Milestone skills on sale. Purchased second one for Vytautaz.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.