A new mmo on our market. “Western WoW”, as critics tend to call it. Tried it with very mixed impressions.

Of course, two factions: blue and red, good and bad ones. 6 races, some 5 or 6 classes. Female form in most races, classes tied to races (humans can be anything).

Customization: medium. Face almost cannot be changed, many other features – can. Of course, my toon were blond females reminding Jennifer Lopez…

Costumes and lore – typically Asian, world is colourfull and shiny.

Gameplay: you have your login rewards for each one (?) hour. You have your statuses (like Vitality…) you enhance each level. Also, you may roll a dice about your status, but this is RNG and it may even decrease – use at your own risk.

Controls: the biggest problem, they are almost non-existent. In order, say, to run left, you have to run left and press button for camera to look left. Toolabrs:abilities are added automatically, no option to re-arrange, delete etc. Inventory is very small, but it could be possible to purchase new with in-game currency.

Gameplay: “bad” faction is more interesting to play. They have some stories and “good” one – a bit boring. I created few toons – good Human mage and “bad” Human hunter. Hunter was superior.

Community: too little, too restricted, a bit unfirendly. I could not use most of chats, then asked one player about controls only to receive “Do I know you?” response.

Result: most likely, would uninstall.

Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did some slayer deeds (a bit boring, but I can’t find anything interesting). Stormsong participated in OD only to die few times in a row and getting lame loot. Of course, it were others: others, not me, to loot quality things. Well, that ends OD runs for me. To make things worse, Pelagir runs almost ceased. Yesterday ran Barad Guldur, but it was so slow, so ineffective with such bad loots…absolutely nothing fun.

Xinderbor used all Mathom hunter armour, reached level 22 and did many deeds. Kindred with Men of Bree and Mathom society. My grind was very nice, now I even do not want to delete this toon – she was so effective and she may finish slayer deeds in the Shire (additional TPs).

We have daily sells – each day we are offered something new. So far I did niot buy anything from these – only discounted Shared and Vault storage. Will need it.


And so weekend has ended. Asta would be uninstlled and Lotro…have to invent something new and intrresting to do.