Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz went to Great River and farmed some Brigands. Go to only camp, kill some of them, return to safe position, wait a bit, return to camp, kill some of them…and repeat, repeat, repeat.

It was really boring. I killed some of them (probably 100 remaining to advanced deed). Legendary items are advancing very slowly and I have no quests I could do in Great River (Limlight Gorge does not count).

Switched to Stormsong, found nothing to do too. Only one item I posted on Auction house was going quite nice.

Logged in Xinderbor. Took out all mathom hunter armour (would use at some level 15) and did Wolf and Goblin slayer deeds in Ered Luin. Easy ones. Had to compete with one player about Goblins. Well, none of us was wise enough to propose fellowship and eventually speed up things twice… Then, moved to Thrasis Lodge and there I stopped. Would leave exploration and killing for today.

And so the day has ended – lazy a bit. I still need to find out some plan – what to do in Lotro? SOmething that is not too boring. But overall, the day has been succesfull in Lotro.