Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz resumed slaying deeds (as politicians would say – optimising citizen feeding budget). This time went for some Brigands: yes, they have only one camp, so I started to kill them, one by one. Everything went slow, I was killing without any enthusiasm.

Stormsong took part in 6-man Pelagir run. Start was impressively good. Second part was kind of nice. I guarded fountain and was really effective with that, kinnies helping with extra traps. Unfortunately, had to stay there for a long time:one monster was “lef unchallenged for too long”. Our platinium was gone.

And it doesn’t matter that after that we did everything well and right. Catapults were built, barricades and traps placed, enemies AoE annihilated…platinium was no more. This is my second run in a row where I lose platinium.

Rewards were not so good – 2 essences, 1 second age lvl.100 symbol. Pelagir citizens are greedy, as always.

Stormsong ran DA dailies – she starts grinding gold DA tokens so that Vytautaz gets his armour and maybe -Empowerement scrolls.

I feel a bit lost in Lotro. Have many things to do, but these are really boring, killing hundreds of monsters in the name of killing them. Perhabs I should switch to Xinderbor and grind Turbine points.

And so the lazy, un-willing day in Lotro has ended.