Lord of the rings online

The Anniversary festival should be over by now. So – weekend was spent with fireworks shooting, sparking interest, invitations collecting.

Vytautaz got las Anfalas starlit crystal (now have 6) and managed to finish festival with 27 tokens. Would be nice help for next festival.

Xinderbor grinded as mucha s she could, reached level 10 and advanced towards level 11. Also, she bartered Essence removal scroll. Now, this toon is ready to depart to Ered Luin and grind Turbine points there.

Stormsong helped one lvl.40s group in Great barrow. I was asked to heal whic was efficient. Unfortunately, 2 deaths, but I could do nothing about that – AoE heal spams were not able to save entire group. However, I had nice loot and even some coin from Mr. Sambrog. Besides, my blue-line Minsbtrel in healuing mode was still a good dps’er against lvl.45 monsters.

Stormsong was taken to Palegir and Helm’s Dike. Pelagir went wrong: one supply was destroyed, so Platinium reward was lost. Otherwise, we did very well – two kinnie, two AoE minstrels. Helm’s Dike was quick and efficient, this time we got platinium. Rewards were bit lame – only merit stars, no nice essences, nothing.

Festival ends and I do feel I must return with Vytautaz to Great River. Deeds are to be done, Legendary weapons must be advanced to lvl.60 (and then deconstructed). Only then could I enter my favourite green Rohan.

And so weekend has ended – very good in Lotro.