Lord of the rings online

Yesterday my day was from 05:00 to 19:00. All day spent in conference, only little time to write my own blog (well, i am still lousy with editing blog via smartphone).

Got home a bit late and a bit tired. Vytautaz did some festival quests. Stormsong did fireworks, then turned in last task items and became Kindred with the rangers of Ithilien. 20 more TPs and one big grind is over.

I need some runs to have, say, 50 Festival tokens. Then, I barter one more Anfalas starlit crystal (would have 6/28). After festival ends – Vytautaz would be doing slayer deeds in great River, I need to finish all deeds there. Stormsong would probably kill mobs in Limlight Gorge for Vytautaz and grind remaining 2 million xp to level 105. Xinderbor must grind for tokens too, grind TPs, grind for gold and finally use Bree and Mathom reputation items.

And so the day has ended – tired, but still with purpose. The day has been good in Lotro.